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Apr 12, 2010

This week we kind of invaded our friends over at Gamer Corporation and used their stream to do the show live! If you didn't catch it, well it doesn't matter because we're putting the audio up on iTunes! But either way it was a cool experiment for Kyle and myself to actually do a live show. I'm not sure if we'll do one again but either way, thanks for everyone who checked it out. Here's what we discussed: Kyle's relationship threatening birthday gift, Final Fantasy XIII, Bioshock 2 multiplayer, God of War 3, Pokemon HeartGold, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Music in this episode: Presidents of the United States of America, Starship Amazing, Just Dance (8bit by gejm)

You can reach us at, leave a voicemail at (909) 278-7453 or Twitter at criticalstrike