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May 2, 2011

About a year ago I promised to everyone that I would do another music episode based on video game bands and for some unknown reason I just never did it. I'm sure that makes me a jerk, but at least its finally done now, right? Either way, I'm happy to finally get this settled and release another music episode since a bunch of new bands have emerged and released their own interpretations with the video game music we've all grown up and loved! I hope you enjoy all their work and that you seek them out to give them support so they may continue to give us these face melting tunes.

Music in this episode: The Megas, Distorted Evolution, FamicomBit, The Protomen, This Place is Haunted, The Kode, Year 200X, Daniel Tidwell, VikingGuitar, Descendants Of Erdrick, The Advantage, Powerglove

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